PA-LAC: Budget Resolutions

Jul 25, 2017
For over two decades, CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA LAC) has been your watchdog in Harrisburg, passing legislation to improve community associations, fighting off legislation that would harm community associations, and going head-to- head with powerful and well-funded special interests. 

These efforts come at a significant cost. With your help, PA LAC can continue to advance issues in the legislature that are important to community associations.

As community associations begin working on budgets for the coming year, we hope you can include PA LAC in your planning and designate an annual investment in support of our legislative advocacy efforts so we can continue to achieve results. 

In the last legislative session, PA LAC saw three priority Bills passed and signed into law by the Governor, including legislation which eliminated the unnecessary conflict of legal statutes to which condo associations and planned communities were exposed in the Shaffer v. Zoning Hearing Board of Chanceford Township legal case; a Bill which ensured that community associations were not affected negatively by a recent U.S. Court of Appeals decision; new federal mortgage underwriting guidelines; and, finally, legislation putting an end to per parcel recording fees for Declaration Amendments that were costing community associations thousand and tens of thousands of dollars.

During this last legislative battle, PA LAC led hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania homeowners in a fight against very powerful lobbyists for county and local governments that were unfairly reaping profit off community associations. This legislative battle was long, costly, and came down to the final hours of the legislative session in October. This hard-fought victory means community associations across the state will save thousands of dollars on unnecessary administrative fees the next time they amend their governing documents, including these examples:

   •  The Villages of Flowers Mill in Bucks County will save over $6,000
   •  Orchard Valley HOA in Chester County will save over $1,000 
   •  The Meadows of Hanover in Dauphin County will save over $8,000
   •  Blue Bell Country Club Community Association in Montgomery County will save over $8,000 
   •  Lake Naomi Community Association in Monroe County will save over $17,000  

Having saved community associations tens of thousands of dollars through this five-year battle, the LAC can now turn to new priorities for the new legislative session. A top priority this session is a Bill with Omnibus Amendments to Title 68. These amendments to the statutes governing common interest ownership communities in the Commonwealth are all intended to clarify existing provisions of the Uniform Condominium Act, Real Estate Cooperative Act, and Uniform Planned Community Act (the Acts), and enhance the overall administration and governance of Pennsylvania’s community associations. PA LAC also supports legislation that would provide alternative dispute resolution options to resolve some complaints within community associations and permit the state attorney general’s office to investigate in certain situations. The LAC has again endorsed legislation granting relief to owners of private dams, including many Pennsylvania community associations, and is working on legislation to address ongoing assessment collection issues especially concerning vacant units owned by the bank.

In 2016, PA LAC was the beneficiary of over $15,000 in support from over 40 community associations. Without this crucial financial support, none of our progress would be possible. Please consider an investment from your community association as you plan your next budget. If 100 of our community association members invest $100 each, PA LAC will meet its goal for the year, and be able to continue as your watchdog in Harrisburg.

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee is the only organization keeping an eye on Harrisburg on your behalf. Please support this worthy and necessary advocacy effort. 

For continuing updates on legislative issues impacting Pennsylvania’s community associations, please visit the legislative page

Click here for a resolution your board can adopt to support the Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee in your annual budget.  

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