(Is Your A/C) Full of Hot Air?

Jul 11, 2017

So your A/C is blowing warm air? That’s not an uncommon problem, so we have compiled a list of the most frequent causes and solutions to this issue below! Remember not to try and fix anything you aren’t comfortable with, you could always call a professional if things get too out of hand.

Check Your Thermostat.
It’s easy to overlook but if your thermostat isn’t set right, it could explain why your vents are blowing warm air. It is very possible that your thermostat could have been bumped into changing the temperature in your home! This isn’t the only thing that can go wrong with your thermostat, however. If your system is not set on “auto”, and is instead turned to “on”, your fans will continue to blow air even when your system is not running. To solve this problem, just set your thermostat to auto and you’ll be back up and running with a cool home in no time.

Check Your Filter.
If your thermostat has no problem, then you might want to try checking your filter! If your filter gets old, air will have a tough time passing through it so if you have been trying to cool your home, the air can’t even get in. If you change your filter and cool air still isn’t blowing through your vents, then maybe calling a professional would be a good idea.

Check Your Condenser.
Your filter might not be the only thing that has gotten old and dirty. Your outdoor unit could be covered in debris or surrounded by weeds and sticks that are blocking air from going into the condenser. You should try to clear the blockage if air isn’t flowing properly into your unit. It might also be a good time to clean the whole unit or hire an HVAC specialist to investigate the problem for you.

Check Your Circuit Breaker.
Your condenser might not be dirty but it isn’t running at all! If this is the case, your indoor unit may still be running, pushing warm air through your home. Hopefully, your outdoor unit just lost power and isn’t damaged. Check your circuit breaker first to make sure that it hasn’t gotten tripped. Next, find the breaker switch on your outside unit and flip the switch completely off and back on. If this doesn’t solve your issue, contact a professional. Your wiring could be seriously damaged!

When to Call a Professional…
If you are still experiencing trouble with your air conditioning system, the problem might be more severe. Don’t try to fix your system on your own unless you’re an expert HVAC tech yourself as you might worsen the problem! Give Sila Heating and Air Conditioning a call and ask about our $125 Diagnostic and you’ll get up to 2lbs of refrigerant FREE!

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