Gold is Good

Feb 2, 2017
Greetings from your Gold Star Committee,

Allow us to introduce you to the value of being a Gold Star Community. Did you know that completing a Gold Star application provides a one year courtesy membership for one of your Board members? How cool is that! This is a great way to introduce your community to the value of being a Gold Star Community as well as being a member of CAI. Have questions about becoming a Gold Star community? Your Gold Star Committee members are here to help.

If you manage a community that has a financially sound budget, has completed a Reserve Study within the past 5 years, is funding their reserves according to Reserve recommendations, and treats all residents as stakeholders in the community - we want you!  

Help us recognize the daily blood, sweat, and tears efforts that you and your board members put into maintaining a financially stable community. Be the envy of your neighboring communities by planting that Gold Star sign at your front entrance to attract everyone who drives by - especially new buyers! Encourage Board members to utilize the educational programs and resources that CAI offers. Be a part of this select group of outstanding communities that establish excellent standards, encourage community involvement, maintain fiscal responsibility, and improve the quality of life for community residents.

The spring nomination period for new or renewal applications is January 1st thru March 1st. Gold Star awards approved during the spring nomination period will be presented at the Annual Conference & Expo on May 11 at the Valley Forge Casino Resort. Fall application and renewal nomination period runs from August 1st thru October 1st with Gold Stars awarded at the annual Holiday Party in December.  

For more information and to download an application, please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 


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