A committee just for you

Dec 20, 2016
Dear CAI Homeowner members:  

Did you know that the largest number of CAI members are Community Association Volunteer Leader (homeowner) members like you and me? 

As a CAVL member of CAI, I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to get more involved in the organization. I joined the CAVL Committee, which is made up entirely of CAVL members like us, to help CAI plan and promote educational and networking programs and opportunities specifically geared towards our member representation group. The committee is a small one but we have some ambitious goals for 2017 and I wanted to write to you today to invite you to join us.

Participation on the CAVL committee can be fun and rewarding and does not require a great deal of your time. We'll be having half-hour evening meetings periodically (no more than once every other month) and via online and conference call, so you won't need to leave your house to participate.   
For more information or to join me on the CAVL Committee, click here
My warmest regards, 
James Lichtenwalner 
Chair, CAVL Committee 

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