New for 2017 - CAI Podcasts and Video FAQs!

Nov 30, 2016

The Pennsylvania & Delaware Valley Chapter of CAI is constantly looking for exciting new ways to bring you the information and resources you expect and deserve as a CAI member.

We've had great success with our immensely popular and award-winning magazine, Community Assets, which is now available both in print and digital formats. This very blog, @ Home with CAI, has helped increase the number of visitors to our website by providing timely informational, educational, and entertaining content. We maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and even have a video channel on YouTube. If you're not following us on those platforms, you should! Visit our main webpage for links to each of those outlets. And, of course, we offer a multitude of educational programs, including live and on demand webinars, throughout the year and across our expansive chapter. 

In 2017, CAI is planning to launch two new ways to engage members with educational information - our Video FAQ series and our Podcast series.

Video FAQs are short duration (5-7 minute) videos providing informational and educational content to managers and homeowners. CAI member experts in a wide variety of fields - law, accounting, insurance, engineering and reserve studies, banking, landscaping, and much more - will be recorded answering questions that they are frequently asked about community association topics. Whether you have a question about reserve study funding or making sure your community association is ADA compliant, our Video FAQs will have an answer for you. To submit a question that you would like to see addressed by an expert, please click here to email your question to CAI staff.

While we don't have any Video FAQs ready to show you yet, this short excerpt from a CAI webinar conducted by Kipcon's Mitch Frumkin, our 2016 chapter president, will give you an idea of what the video FAQs will consist of. Instead of showing a recorded presentation, though, we hope to feature the experts talking to you directly. Click here to view Mitch's video.

Our Podcast series will explore topics in more depth and detail and can take the form of interviews, lectures, and TED-style talks that you can download and listen to on your computer or phone. Here's an example of a CAI Podcast, chapter Executive Director Tony Campisi talking about the critical passage of SB 1282 earlier this year, thanks to a monumental effort by the Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA-LAC) and its lobbyist. Click here to listen.

Business Partners and Subject Matter Experts
CAI is looking for you! Click here to email us if you'd be interested in participating in a Video FAQ or Podcast. It's a great way to share your expertise, increase your recognition among our members, and build your business while also helping to educate and inform our members. We'll work with you in developing a script and in scheduling a time to record your contribution. Sign up today and you could be a CAI star!  


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