Meet eBid: CAI's online RFP system

Nov 30, 2016

eBid is CAI’s brand new online Request for Proposal (RFP) system and it’s scheduled to launch in late 2016 / early 2017. This members only benefit is a great new way for business partners to build their business. 

Here’s how it works!

Visitors to our website will be able to enter the eBid page, fill out a brief description of the type of work they need performed, their geographic location, and their contact information. eBid will match them with participating business partner members who provide the service or product being sought in that geographic region.  

Once the manager or homeowner has a chance to review the participating business partner members who appear in their results, those companies that the requestor would like to receive a proposal from will be sent an automated e-mail from eBid, complete with the requestor’s contact information, giving participating and selected business partners an opportunity to gain the business. 
eBid is an annual enrollment program and is included complimentary for our Diamond and Platinum Plus Partners. Our Platinum and Gold Partners can add eBid as part of their Premier Partner Program selection at a discounted rate. 

Only CAI Business Partners and Management Companies in good standing with an active membership can participate in the eBid program.

For more information about enrolling in CAI's eBid program and becoming a CAI Premier Partner, please click here.

To enroll in CAI's eBid program without becoming a CAI Premier Partner, please click here.  



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