Sign the Petition: End Recording Fee Abuse in Pennsylvania

Oct 7, 2016

Pennsylvania Statutes governing community associations require amendments to a community association declaration be recorded in the county Recorder of Deeds Office. Unfortunately, what has historically been an administrative act at minimal expense, has become a large financial burden. About one third of Pennsylvania’s counties have implemented a requirement to index amendments against each parcel number (home) in the condominium or homeowners association. The result? Some Pennsylvania community associations have paid thousands of dollars in fees for the legally-required act of recording a simple document. One community association in the Poconos paid $18,000 to record an amendment! Another community association in Montgomery County paid over $8,000 to record an amendment. A Dauphin County community associated was charged $8,300 to record an amendment.

Senate Bill 1282, which passed the State Senate in June, 2016 by a vote of 48-2, would end this abusive practice. The Bill is now stalled in the state House of Representatives.

The over one million homeowners who live in thousands of community associations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania deserve relief from this unfair and illegal tax. 

Click here for a fuller explanation of the problem and the legislation to fix it.

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