Jot it Down!

Sep 13, 2016



If you're interested in contributing an article to our blog or magazine but your'e not entirely sure what you want to write about, why not join our new Writers' Block group? CAI's Writers' Block is a database of CAI members who are interested in writing articles for one of our publications. The database includes the name, contact information, and areas of knowledge and interest so that when our Communications & Content Committee meets to discuss articles to include on our blog or an upcoming issue of Community Assets magazine, they can turn to the Writers' Block for a list of potential articles who might be interested and qualified to write about that topic.

 If you'd like to join the Writers' Block, simply send an e-mail to Michael Shaw, Manager for Communications & Programs by clicking here. Please include in your e-mail the following information:

• Your name 
• Your company name 
• Your phone number 
• Your e-mail address 
• Your areas of specialty or interest 
• A brief biography (approximately one to two paragraphs) that we can use for the About the Author section
• A professional headshot photograph of yourself to be included with your About the Author biography

When you write an article for Community Assets or our blog, a brief biography will be included, including contact information and links to your e-mail address and company's website. For blog articles, a business card ad, hyperlinked to your website will also be included. 

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