How Do I Join the Chapter Board of Directors?

Jun 28, 2016

Serving as a member of CAI's Chapter Board of Directors is a rewarding and challenging experience. Serving on the chapter board requires participation at regular board meetings, attendance at chapter programs, time spent reviewing documents such as financial statements, policy documents, etc, and contributing to the discussion and planning of chapter strategic initiatives and programming.

Self nominations are accepted in the Summer of each year and are generally due in the chapter office by early September. While all members in good standing are eligible to be nominated to the chapter board, the nominating committee does actively recruit from members who serve on a chapter committee, and particularly those who serve as chair of a chapter committee. These leadership positions serve as good learning experiences for individuals interested in potentially joining the chapter board.

As outlined in the chapter's By-Laws, the Chapter "Board of Directors shall have supervision, control and direction of the affairs and property of the Chapter, shall determine the policies of the Chapter, shall actively pursue the purposes and objectives of the Chapter and CAI, shall insure that the Chapter and its Bylaws comply with the policies and procedures of CAI, and shall have discretion in the use and disbursement of Chapter funds.  ."

The Chapter Bylaws also provide for the size and composition of the the Board of Directors, which "shall be composed of the number of Directors as determined by the Members, but in no event shall be more than fifteen (15) Directors plus the immediate past Board President and any non-voting regional council liaisons." Additionally, no more than two persons from any company may serve on the Board at any one time. Directors must represent Membership Representation Groups as determined by the CAI Board of Trustees according to the following:
A board of "Fifteen (15) Directors shall include two (2) Community Association Volunteers, three (3) Community Association Managers, three (3) Business Partners, and seven (7) At-Large Members." These requirements, in addition to geographical considerations, weigh heavily on the nominating committee, which selects nominees to fill the slate each year.

Still interested? Click here to download or print a nomination form. Board members are also asked to sign a Statement of Expectations at the beginning of each year. Please review this statement to be sure you are able to comply with the expectations of chapter board members. Be sure to return your nomination to the chapter office before this year's deadline!


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