Regional Council Bingo Challenge!

Jun 8, 2016

Regional Councils - Get your game on!

We're launching a CAI Regional Council Bingo Membership Challenge to grow the organization in our regional council territories and to provide a fun, competitive game for our regional council members to participate in.

 Here's how it works. At the Chapter Kickoff in January, each regional council was provided with a membership target for the year - in each membership category including business partners, community associations, managers and management companies. So far, as of May 31, our Central PA Regional Council has the strongest growth, at 35%, followed by our New Jersey Regional Council at 10%. 

The Bingo Challenge will run from June through October 31, 2016. In order to win, each council member must participate - this is a team effort! The Bingo Blocks have some easy challenges to meet while others will take some effort. Each regional council has a bingo card and the first council that gets bingo each month will receive a prize for that month. CAI will place a "chip" on your bingo card when you complete a goal. But be careful you don't lose a previously achieved goal! Retention is just as important as new members and if members in your region do not renew you might lose a chip on your bingo card!


  • June monthly prize – free registration for all council members to the August 3rd Summer Networking Party
  • July monthly prize – free registration for all council members to the After Party at the Chapter Golf Outing on September 12
  • August monthly prize – $40 in CAI Cash for all council members to be used to register for any chapter program through 12/31/2017
  • September monthly prize – free registration for all council members for any three On Demand chapter webinars.
  • October monthly prize – free registration for all council members to every regional council program hosted by their council for 2017

Grand Prize – At the end of the contest, the council that covers the board, or comes closest (must cover at least 10 blocks) will receive a group dinner with chapter staff at a restaurant in the regional council territory in November or December, 2016. 

As of June 1, 2016, the NJ Council starts the Bingo Challenge with four blocks already covered! Philadelphia, Central PA and the Poconos have some catching up to do! The standings will be updated at the beginning of each month once the national office makes the monthly membership reports available to chapters. The national reports will be the standard by which the chapter judges progress in the standings. Good luck council members. May the best regional council win! 

July 1 Update:  

There was some good membership activity for June, with the Central PA Council and the Poconos Council leading the way with a net 9 new members each! There was 1 net new member for the NJ Council and 2 net new members for Philadelphia. The only council to cover a new Bingo block in June was Central PA, which has achieved their CAVL Individuals membership growth target for the year! Congratulations Central PA, who now leads membership growth among the councils with a growth rate for the year of 47%. Unfortunately, no council achieved a Bingo Row for June. Good luck in July. If you haven't yet sent Anne two referrals for the month, send them today and make sure your council gets the Send Anne 2 Referrals in July block covered with a Bingo Chip! 

Click here for the Regional Membership Report and Goals as of June 30. 

Click the below links for the June 1 Bingo Card for each regional council: 

Central PA Council Bingo Card for July

New Jersey Council Bingo Card for July

Philadelphia Council Bingo Card for July

Poconos Council Bingo Card for July 


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