From the President: CAI's Strategic Planning Session

May 20, 2016
As with most progressive organizations, our chapter holds a leadership retreat each year to recap the past year and to look to the future so that we can continue to add value to our members and our industry.

This year we held a strategic planning session, facilitated by Dawn Bauman, CAE, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs with CAI national.

The session was attended by board members and chairs from many of our volunteer committees, giving us a terrific opportunity to discuss the current state of our CAI chapter and to identify goals for the next few years.

In the end, this great session allowed us to narrow down our long-term objectives to three primary and critical areas.

1. Adding value to our association board members - work to increase the return on investment for our CAVL members, increase their knowledge and expertise in their roles, and also strengthen the entire organization by sharing the benefits of CAI membership and using managers with CAI designations.

2. Volunteer Leadership - we explored ways to expand our base of volunteers and develop future leadership within the organization. As a member led and driven organization, we count on our volunteer leaders to help set the course for our chapter. If you are interested in getting more involved with CAI, I encourage you to e-mail me!  

3. Communications - our chapter boasts an award-winning magazine, Community Assets, and already does extensive electronic communication outreach via e-mail, has a growing blog, and an increasing presence in social media using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, but what more can we do and offer in the ways we communicate our message to our members and, as importantly, introduce us to those who have never heard of CAI? We'll be looking at a variety of communications tools, emerging technologies, and ways to increase our brand recognition throughout Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Northern Delaware while also stressing increasing your access to us. Podcasts, video blogs, radio and television advertising, other social media platforms are just a few of the things we'll look at embracing to accomplish this mission. 

Of course, along with all of these initiatives, we'll be looking at new and innovative ways to fund them while adding additional value to your membership. Our first action item has been to split our group into three subgroups to begin exploring ways of implementing the goals established in the strategic planning session.  

I'm very excited about the outcome of our strategic planning session and I look forward to updating you on our progress in the coming months!  

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