CAI Launches Chapter Growth Fund

Feb 15, 2016

CAI's Board of Directors is creating a Chapter Growth Fund to provide marketing resources to the chapter can expand the membership, which will in turn provide additional opportunities for business partner and management company members to grow your company.

CAI estimates there are approximately 10,000 condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations in the Commonwealth, in addition to the thousands located in northern Delaware and South Jersey, which are also part of our chapter's geographic reach.  The vast majority of these communities are not members and, likely, are not aware of CAI and the resources we offer to association volunteer leaders and managers. This growth fund will provide resources to find these communities, make them aware of the tremendous benefits offered by CAI membership, and convert them to members so our business partners and management companies can have the opportunity to do business with them.

Your contribution to the growth fund will enable CAI to expand opportunities for all members. Your support is appreciated. If you have questions about this initiative, please contact Chapter Executive Director Tony Campisi via email or at 610-783-1315 x11. 

Click here for the Growth Fund Contribution Form

2016 Chapter President Mitch Frumkin Announces CAI's Chapter Growth Fund 

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