Send Anne 2: Membership is Everywhere!

Jan 11, 2016



Meet Kevin.

Kevin is CAI's Member Ambassador. He's on a quest to find new CAI members and he needs your help. 

Kevin believes that Membership is Everywhere. All you have to do is look for it.

Kevin will be making random appearances at events this year, asking for your help growing CAI membership. Come with your prospects and their contact information and you might just leave with a prize! 

Start recruiting today! 

In addition to Kevin giving out prizes at various events this year, earn $15 CAI Cash for any new member that joins CAI based on your referral. Be the top recruiter in a month and win a $50 gift card for 1-5 new members or $100 gift card if you recruit 6+ members. Plus, our lucky grand prize winner will take home $1,000! 

Start recruiting today by clicking here!




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