Teams Compete at 1st Annual Charity Bowling Tournament

Jun 12, 2015


CAI's first ever Intramural Charity Bowling Tournament took place on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at Devon Lanes in Devon, PA. About 25 chapter volunteers from various committees came out to compete against each other and raise money for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Pediatric Brain Tumor Research. All chapter volunteers were invited to participate in the intra-organizational challenge!

The event was the concept of the chapter Member Engagement Committee, which is tasked with promoting networking opportunities and involvement among chapter members. Teams were set up among chapter committees and friendly competition ensued. Five chapter committees were able to participate - the chapter Board of Directors, Membership Committee, Member Engagement Committee, Communications Committee and the Government & Professional Affairs Committee.

The team that won the competition was the combined Communications & Membership Committee Team with a total score, over two games of bowling, of 1251! Congratulations Team!

In addition to chapter members, we also had some very special guests participate in the tournament. Several children suffering from brain tumors bowled along with their siblings, as their families cheered them on! Brielle Barber, age 5, is diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.  Her brother Caden Barber joined his big sister on the bowling team! Talon Peters, age 7, has a brain tumor but is in remission.  His brother Kelton Peters, age 6, bowled with him at the tournament. The children and their parets, Tom and Jill Peters, and Kelly Barber, enjoyed the night out bowling! 

CAI has donated $800 to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation as a result of the tournament. Special thanks to sponsors Allied Elevator, DW Smith Associates and J. Brick Consulting, and to the entire Member Engagement Committee for organizing the event and donating soft pretzels, ice cream, cookies, candy, paper products and beverages for the event. The committee includes Chairperson Jen Brick, Fred Barberra, Justin Brooks, Jill Geiger, Colette Hering, Georgette Kyriacou, Jennifer Nevins, Patti Walton, Megan Whalen and Dana Wormer. 





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