Meet CAI's Managers Committee Chairwoman Carol Richard

Jun 3, 2015

Carol Richard has been my direct supervisor for over eight-years now. She is a very smart, strong, passionate, hard working leader, who is always so generous and kind to everyone. Carol has a good sense of style, and always looks impeccable. Aside from her outstanding professional accomplishments stated below, I asked Carol some personal questions that I thought we all might want to know about her. Her responses may surprise you.

Q.  If you could be famous, what would you like to have been?  
A. I would love to be a fabulous performer/singer.  My favorite is Barbra Streisand.

Q. What are some of the things you are proudest of?  
A.  I feel good about trying to help those in my life in such a manner that I don’t have a regret that I missed something or neglected to do something really important.  If I say I am totally “in”, I try to mean that in every sense of the word.  I have failed in my life and those are the deepest regrets I have encountered.  So if I had to say proud, I probably wouldn’t use that word but there are things I feel I have tried to do well, as related to the people in my life.

Q. What do you notice is the biggest change in the world today from the world you knew as a child?
A.  I am sad everyday that people are often very self absorbed and have little ability to care truly for others.  I am also sad that we are so fast paced we don’t have the time to spend with each other in a real quality way.

Q. What was the funniest thing that happened on any of your jobs?  
A.  During a social event for a client some years ago, in the midst of a water balloon toss, the Board President tossed a balloon at me and I missed it.  Water poured all over my hair and face.  Being the vain fool I am, I was instantly horrified but to see him laugh so hard, made me laugh too.  Then everyone laughed when they saw I didn’t take it seriously.  The entire situation made me think about trying to be less serious all the time.

Q. What have you done that no one would guess you'd done, to look at you"?  
A. I planned a birthday party for a friend at a private airport in Bucks County. Several of us very going up in open cockpit planes. When it came to my turn I realized I wasn't dressed properly to climb up on the wing and get into the seat but...eventually I got in. I am sure it was hilarious to watch. I then had to strap on a Rocky and Bullwinkle leather flight cap and off we taxied down the grass runway. I said to the pilot sitting behind me "I am really not a ride person". He responded "this is not an amusement park ride." Oh dear. I took my cell phone and lipstick, both of which slid out of my pocket on take off. I can't believe I did it and got through it. Never again.

Professional Background:

Carol began her career in Community Association Management in 1997 and joined Associa Mid-Atlantic in 2001. Carol is responsible for the management programs for clients in Montgomery County, Bucks County and Chester County. Included in her region are five large on-site associations as well as over 40 portfolio clients being served out of one Regional Office in Plymouth Meeting and one Area Office in Doylestown. She oversees a staff of 18 Community Association Managers, Assistant Community Managers and Community Administrators.

Carol received her PCAM designation in 2004 and is actively involved in the local CAI Chapter, serving on the CAI Chapter Board of Directors as Treasurer. Over many years she has served on the Gold Star Committee and the Manager's Education Committee for the CAI Chapter in addition to serving on the PA Legislative Action Committee.

Carol is married to Mark and has a combined family of three sons, two daughters and eight grandchildren. They have lived in a Community Association for many years and enjoy life with their beloved dog Luigi and three spoiled cats.

Submitted by Jill L. Geiger, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, General Manager for Associa Mid-Atlantic, CAI's Member Engagement Committee

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