Legislative Action Committee to visit State Capitol

Feb 5, 2015

CAI's Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee returns to the state capitol in Harrisburg on February 24, 2015 to visit with members of the legislature regarding issues important to community associations in the Commonwealth.

CAI's annual Legislative Day is held once a year to promote the issues confronting community associations and to educate legislators and policymakers on these issues as well as CAI's position on pending legislation. Since the two year legislative session has just gotten underway with new members being sworn in on January 6th, and a new governor being inaugurated on January 20th, very little legislative business has occurred. That will change, likely quickly.

CAI anticipates the return of various bills that have perennially surfaced in the legislature, mostly concerning the application of so-called "Sunshine Act" provisions to community associations. While CAI supports transparency, the LAC has taken issue with various provisions in these bills about opening up all committee meetings and the need for meeting space, provisions that would fine board members in community associations, and provisions that would permitted un-restricted use of recording devices by anyone attending an association meeting.

In addition to these bills, CAI is working on solutions to a number of priorities facing community associations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, include issues arising from several court cases that have been decided in recent years. CAI has legislation ready to be introduced that would provide a fix to what the LAC deems harmful judicial decisions in the case of Shaffer v. Chanceford Township, dealing with the formation of a condominium for estate planning purposes, as well as a United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit opinion in the matter of In Re Kelly L. Makowka, which impacts an association's statutory lien in the context of a bankruptcy. The LAC also has proposed legislation that would revise the voting sections of the states' common interest ownership community statutes, allowing for various methods of electronic voting as well as a legislative proposal to roll back dramatically increased fees for the recording of changes to a declaration in various counties throughout the Commonwealth. In addition, the LAC continues to work with legislators on a solution to increased permitting fees and bonds for private dams, the collection of data on community associations, and a legislative solution to the fact that owners in some community associations end up paying twice for municipal services.

The LAC has a full plate for the current two year legislative session. The LAC remains ever vigilant in Harrisburg, working in tandem with our professional government relations team at Pugliese Associates. The LAC is faced with raising over $50,000 each year to fund the critically important advocacy work. To contribute to these efforts, visit out LAC webpage.

To review the above issues in more detail, check out the 2014 issues & LAC positions on the legislative page of our website.


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