CAI Announces Inaugural Legislative Scorecard

Oct 27, 2014

Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day across the nation. Here in Pennsylvania, every seat in the State House of Representatives is up for election as are half the seats in the State Senate.  Do you know where your legislative candidates stand on issues that impact your homeowner, cooperative or condominium association?

CAI has a resource to help educate Pennsylvania homeowners on important legislative issues currently pending or anticipated in the next legislative session which starts in January, 2015. We are pleased to announce the first-ever Community Associations Institute Pennsylvania Legislative Scorecard and encourage you and your neighbors to review this information prior to voting on Tuesday, November 4th. Managers are encouraged to provide a link to this information to the homeowners who live in your communities.

In order to educate our members on candidates seeking their vote in the November General Election, CAI's Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA LAC) created a short questionnaire seeking the opinions of candidates for state legislature regarding legislative issues important to community associations. These issues include:


  • Legislation creating a tax deduction for municipal services not provided to community associations
  • Collection of data on common interest ownership communities
  • Open meetings and access to association records
  • Recording fees for association documents
  • Quorum increases, and approval of budgets, fees and fines


Surveys were sent by electronic mail to candidates in each legislative district. Candidate answers were not edited for content, spelling, or grammar and appear as they were submitted to CAI. You can review the answers provided by candidates as well as find out which candidates failed to respond to our survey. Only the districts where at least one candidate responded to the survey are listed. If your district is not included on the report, that means none of the candidates running for the legislature in your districts responded to our survey.

Neither CAI nor the Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee endorses candidates. CAI is not a political action committee and does not make financial contributions to candidates. The purpose of this report is to educate our members and the general public on legislation that may impact Pennsylvania's common interest ownership communities.

Click here for the complete scorecard. The pdf document has clickable links by county and district. Click on your district or county, or peruse the entire document.


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