LAC Scores Victory on Senate Bill 1302

Oct 8, 2014

On October 7, 2014, the State Senate Urban Affairs Committee unanimously voted to amend Senate Bill 1302 and remove all provisions opposed by CAI's Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee. The Senate committee also added a provision to permit absentee, electronic and internet-based voting for association meetings. This is a significant victory for the LAC on a Bill that would have had a very serious adverse affect on the ability of community associations in Pennsylvania to conduct their affairs.

The Bill was introduced by Senator Mike Folmer on March 26, 2014.

As originally introduced, the Bill would have drastically altered the Uniform Planned Community Act’s existing requirements for meeting quorums, created legislative inconsistencies regarding the adoption of budgets and imposition of fines, and created unnecessary pitfalls to hinder an association's ability to collect assessments. The most egregious section of the Bill would have raised the quorum for association meetings to 50%. Such a provision would have rendered most associations incapable of convening meetings to conduct the business of the association. The Bill also would have required that assessments, fines and penalty amounts be approved by the membership at an annual meeting. The LAC believes this provision was unnecessary and inconsistent with existing consumer protection provisions of the Act. Furthermore, such a change would have seriously impact an association’s ability to maintain the revenue necessary to cover the expenses of managing the community. 

PA LAC delegates met various times with Senator Folmer and legislative staff to express the reasons why the LAC was opposed to the Bill and why the provisions of the Bill would not benefit community associations. CAI also conveyed to the Senator that the Bill would not result in increased participation among homeowners in community associations meetings. CAI is grateful for the Senator's willingness to hear the LAC's objections and work with CAI to improve the Bill.

CAI's Legislative Action Committees are the largest community association advocacy organization in the United States. The PA LAC is pro-active in introducing and advocating for legislation that is beneficial to community associations and is equally active in opposing legislation that may have an adverse impact on the interests of community associations. The PA LAC is funded primarily by member contributions. Find out how your community can support the advocacy work of the PA LAC.

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