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Jul 9, 2014

Your PAC, Your LAC, & Your Lobbyists: What it All Means

For years, you’ve been reading about how CAPAC is supporting your Legislative Action Committee and lobbyists in efforts to support this proposal of oppose that one.  This time, with the first summer break of the 2014 – 2015 session just around the corner, we’d like to take the opportunity to talk a little more about who exactly your LAC, PAC and lobbyists are.

CAINJ’s Legislative Action Committee, or LAC, is a group of dedicated volunteer members who are both the brain trust behind friendly initiatives and your first line of defense against harmful legislation. This dedicated group of attorneys, business partners, and CAVLs meet monthly to review newly introduced bills and propose pro-CIC initiatives on your behalf. With their diverse perspectives, your colleagues in the LAC help form the official policy of the CAINJ on both a macro and micro level, giving your lobbyists the tools they need to represent you in Trenton.

CAINJ’s lobbyists are MBI*GluckShaw, Trenton’s largest contract lobbying firm with over 20 professional staff including five former legislators, two former mayors, Directors and Commissioners, and legislative staff.  While the entire MBI family is at the service of CAI, the team meeting directly with your LAC includes Paul Matacera (Partner), Tim Martin (Senior Associate) and Kristen Chilleri (Administrative Assistant). Your lobbying team works directly with the LAC to ensure that legislators, staff, and bureaucrats all hear the homeowners we serve; and we all work around the clock to make sure common interest communities get their fair share from Trenton.

Both the LAC and your lobbyists depend on your political action committee, CAPAC, to support your voice.  CAPAC puts your LAC and lobbying team in the right places at the right time to amplify the points we’ve made in the recent past or plan to make in the near future. The political echo that CAPAC gives your LAC / Lobbying effort is a critical part of the CAINJ advocacy equation and we rely completely on all of you to keep it up.

This year, your PAC, LAC, and Lobbying team are already working hard on a diverse set of issues that directly impact our CAINJ members including election reform, regulation of association membership and rules, manager licensing and foreclosure reform, just to name a few.  Without your team, Trenton could and would have already passed any number of measures with the best of intentions but worst of results.  

submitted by:
Tim Martin
Senior Associate

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