Professional Advocacy: Accomplishing Legislative Goals Comes at a Cost

Apr 2, 2014

CAI’s PA Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is providing an increasingly valuable service to the community association industry across the Commonwealth.  Representing the interests of home owners, associations and managing professionals, the PA LAC is not only reacting to legislation in the pipeline, but seeking to pro-actively engage in drafting, introducing and pushing for legislation which will benefit and protect associations.  The increasing effectiveness of the LAC is a direct result of its growing experience and the very competent assistance of a professional lobbyist organization.

The LAC is funded through various contributions from the very individuals, associations and professionals for whose benefit it advocates in Harrisburg.   Nearly 80% of the LAC’s modest $50,000 in annual expenses goes entirely to the professional lobbying assistance that has been the very foundation of the LAC’s increasing effectiveness.  The balance of the LAC’s budget is committed to meeting and fundraising support.

So what are the sources of the funding?  Twenty five percent (25%) of the LAC’s revenues come from Advocacy Support Fees that are a part of every CAI member’s annual dues.  As CAI grows, our contributions grow.  Another 15% to 20% comes from direct Chapter support.  The balance, more than half of the LAC’s annual expenses must be raised through contributions from associations, individual home owners and program sponsors from among business partners and our friends in the legal community.  Associations across the Commonwealth are challenged to make an annual contribution to the LAC – historically called the Buck-a-Door campaign – this source of funding has been growing, but much more could be done if more participated.   Business partners are encouraged to become Sponsors at one of four levels – Governor ($1,000), Senator ($500), Representative ($250) or Supporter ($100).  

If you’re a managing agent or a board member, please ask your associations to add a modest contribution for the LAC to your annual budgets.   If you’re a business partner, please consider becoming a sponsor at one of the specified levels above.   The LAC’s dedicated volunteers are working on your behalf, but we need the resources to advocate on a professional level in order to achieve our collective goals of protecting the types of communities that more and more Pennsylvanians choose to call home.

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