Winter Woe's: Ice Dams

Feb 25, 2014

Ice Dams occur when a large amount of snow accumulates on a roof and then melts from afternoon sun and/or heat escaping from the house into the attic. The melted snow then turns into ice overnight forming an ice dam, typically this occurs at the bottom of the roof or on the gutters. When more snow melts, the water has nowhere to run off the roof.

When that happens, the water backs up underneath shingles, flows into the home and causes water damage throughout the interior. The real catastrophe can happen when it starts to rain before those ice dams have time to melt. This winter in particular is providing the perfect conditions for ice dams, and homeowners should be aware in order to best protect their property.

How to avoid Ice Dams

When preparing for winter, make sure to keep all gutters clean and make sure attics have proper ventilation. Roofers and insurance agents caution homeowners not to try to remove ice and snow themselves. Seek out professionals who can assess threats that ice dams may cause to your home and proactively ensure that you experience a safe, warm, and comfortable winter.

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