What's on the Minds of Managers?

Nov 7, 2013

CAI recently conducted a survey of community association managers in order to assist with meeting the educational and other programming and career needs of this important membership representation group. We sent the electronic survey to over 350 managers and had a response rate of 22%.

Statistical Picture of Managers

Based on survey answers received, nearly 34% of managers in the Pennsylvania & Delaware Valley Chapter are portfolio managers who manage multiple communities, while another 40% are on-site managers managing one community. Of the remaining respondents, 11.6% are the senior executive in their management company and 9% are regional directors with their management company.

Only 9% of managers in the chapter territory manage a master association, while 26% manage large scale communities (1000 units or more). Twenty six (26%) percent of managers manage mid or high rise buildings, while 27% manage small associations of 50 units or less. A fraction of managers, 1.2%, manage a cooperative, reflecting the sparse number of cooperatives in this part of the country. Sevent one (71%) percent of managers manage planned communities or homeowner associations and 58% manage condos.

While some managers hold a real estate license or are part of other organizations like IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) or the Apartment Association, the vast majority of our managers, 75%, are only active in CAI and likely have little involvement in the management of commercial or apartment buildings or the sale of real estate.

Contrary to previous findings, the vast majority of managers, over 70%, indicate that their management company or community pays for all or part of their membership and participation in CAI, indicating that management companies and community associations in this region place a high priority on the professionalism and education of community association managers.

Education and Professional Credentials

When it comes to education and professional manager designations offered by CAI, 30% of managers indicate their career depends on the achievement and maintenance of a CAI manager credential, including the CMCA, AMS or PCAM, while 62% of managers value professional credentials as a personal achievement. This is in spite of the belief among most managers, 56%, that board members in the communities they manage do not adequately understand that CAI professional manager credentials improve the quality and effectiveness of community association management.

When it comes to whether or not community association board members should also be involved in CAI and participate in educational programs, 58% of managers believe it is important for community association boards to be involved, believe that an educated board is easier to work with. About 25% of managers hold the opposite view.

CAI will use the information gathered in this survey, including questions about the benefits of membership and educational topics for future programs, to better tailor our programs in the future. Thanks to all those managers who participated in the survey.

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