Legislative Alert: Planned Unit Development Data Collection Act

Sep 18, 2013

Representative Mario Scavello (R-Monroe County) introduced the Planned Unit Development Data Collection Act on September 17, 2013. House Bill 1688 will now be sent to the relevant committee in the House where CAI will work for its adoption. Read why CAI believes the Bill is important.

On July 2, 2009, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed HR 350, which directed the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) to study the impact of Common Interest Ownership Communities (CIOCs), commonly referred to as planned communities, on the Commonwealth and its local governments. The JSGC study, completed in December, 2011, provided critical data, insight and recommendations. One key finding of the JSGC study concerns the absolute lack of information on CIOCs across Pennsylvania. While it is estimated that 2.8 million PA residents are in a CIOC and that roughly 80 percent of new housing starts since 2000 are CIOCs, the actual number and location of these communities is, by large and far, unknown. House Bill 1688 would mandate the collection of data including information such as name, physical location, land area, lot size,  number of units, location, infrastructure age, and articles of incorporation or other non-profit organization registration information filed with the Department of State.  

There are currently 9 co-sponsors, noted below, in addition to Rep. Scavello:

Rep. Mario Scavello – R, Monroe County, Prime Sponsor
Rep. Ron Miller – R, York County
Rep. Mark Cohen – D, Philadelphia County
Rep. Mike Carroll – D, Luzerne & Monroe Counties
Rep. Michael Peifer – R, Monroe, Pike & Wayne Counties
Rep. Mauree Gingrich – R, Lebanon County
Rep. RoseMarie Swanger – R, Lebanon County
Rep. Frank Farry – R, Bucks County
Rep. Thomas Murt – R, Montgomery & Philadelphia Counties
Rep. Rosemary Brown – R, Monroe & Pike Counties

Check our legislative page on a regular basis for updates on the status of this legislation. 

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