Scavello to introduce Planned Unit Development Data Collection Act

Jul 10, 2013

CAI's Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA LAC) is pleased to announce that Rep. Mario Scavello (R-176, Monroe County), has agreed to introduce legislation that would mandate the collection of data on planned communities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the county level.

Read Rep. Scavello's co-sponsor memo.

CAI has supported the introduction of such legislation since the release of a report by the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) in 2011 that recommended such a move by the state. The legislation is referred to as the Planned Unit Development Data Collection Act and PA LAC helped author the legislation.

The JSGC study, authorized by House Resolution 350, passed by the state House of Representatives in 2009, examined the impact of Common Interest Ownership Communities (CIOCs), commonly referred to as planned communities, on the Commonwealth and its local governments. The study resulted in a series of policy recommendations for the state to consider concerning community associations in Pennsylvania. One of the recommendations was to mandate the collection of data including information such as name, physical location, land area, lot size,  number of units, location, infrastructure age, and articles of incorporation or other non-profit organization registration information filed with the Department of State. 

The lack of such information impacts the ability to predict the fiscal costs associated with certain state legislative amendments to Title 68. With the introduction of this reform legislation, state and local government will be one step closer to filling in this massive data void that potentially impacts up to three million Pennsylvania homeowners. This data collection effort will also assist community associations, their managers, elected volunteer board members and all Pennsylvanians living in a CIOC in delivering essential services, maintaining their infrastructure, and complying with applicable statutes governing their community.

CAI urges all members to contact your state representative to urge him or her to support and co-sponsor this important legislation. You can find your state representative through our chapter website.

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