Movers & Shakers: Why You Should Become a LAC Delegate.

May 31, 2013

CAI’s state legislative agenda is developed by Legislative Action Committees (LAC) and it’s appointed Delegates. This post provides important information on what a LAC Delegate does and how they are appointed.

LAC Delegates are CAI members who are appointed to serve two-year terms. Membership on the LAC must be in compliance with CAI’s LAC Operational Guidelines which require that each LAC have a balance of CAI members so that no one membership category has a majority of seats on the LAC. In other words, the LAC must include managers, business partners and homeowner members to insure that all voices are represented.

Delegates can serve a maximum of five consecutive terms. There are two types of Delegates, Chapter-appointed and at-large. The former are appointed by the chapter’s Board of Directors while the latter are appointed by each state’s LAC. Delegates can be self-nominated or nominated by a LAC. For instance, I serve on the CAI’s PA LAC Nominating Committee and can suggest potential nominees for Delegate positions.  

If you are interested in future service, feel free to submit your name for consideration. You will be required to submit an information form and if selected, agree to comply with CAI’s conflict of interest policies as well as the operational guidelines. All delegate appointments must receive final approval by the president of CAI’s national Board of Trustees 

LAC Delegates represent a cross section of the organization’s membership and include property owners, managers, business partners, and board members. We also seek to assure geographical representation on the LAC, with members coming from the Poconos, Delaware Valley, and Central and Western Pennsylvania.

Delegates wear numerous hats. First, a Delegate is an advocate for CAI’s interests in Harrisburg and Washington. Second, Delegates serve as liaisons to keep our membership informed. Third, Delegates assist in raising funds to further the efforts of the LAC. For several years, the Pennsylvania LAC has utilized the services of a lobbying firm in Harrisburg. As you can understand, lobbying costs money and funds need to be raised to insure that we have a greater voice in Harrisburg. 

Perhaps the most rewarding part of serving on the LAC is attending our legislative days in Harrisburg, where we get to meet with our legislators and discuss issues important to community associations.  Prior to these visits, the LAC, in concert with our lobbyist, develops position papers on relevant pieces of legislation and then circulates them to all attendees in the form of talking points for each meeting. LAC Delegates normally meet in person or via teleconference 7-10 times per year. 

Serving as a LAC delegate gives you a firsthand opportunity to advocate issues on behalf of CAI and see how our General Assembly actually works. If you’re up for the challenge, consider submitting your name for consideration as a LAC Delegate. Nominations for the next term are due to the chapter office no later than August 1, 2013.

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