Do You Know about the LAC's Buck A Door Program?

Aug 7, 2012
Post by Dave Sylvester, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, PA LAC Delegate

I am a member of the CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA LAC) and have been for close to 20 years. I was very interested in joining the committee’s ranks after watching some of my local municipalities treat my client communities like second-class citizens and not being able to do anything about it myself.  Soon after joining, I found that fellow committee members shared my desire for community associations to be treated more fairly by not only municipalities, but by developers also. But again, we are a small group trying to reach out to not only thousands of community association members, but more importantly hundreds of Pennsylvania decision makers, policy makers, State Representatives and Senators in an effort to sponsor and support industry-related legislation to improve the lives and standard of living of community members throughout the Commonwealth.Many years ago, in order to encourage communities to support and bolster the efforts of the LAC, we came up with the “Buck-a-door” program. This fund raiser, which asks for a simple contribution amount of $1.00 per unit (door) per community per year, should be within the reach of all associations big and small; and the donation can be easily included come budget-time.

Now more than ever, with the PA LAC engaging a government relations firm to help make CAI a “household name” to our state Legislature, the Buck-a–door program is vital to the very existence of the LAC’s purpose and charge. So please say YES to making a contribution of one dollar (or more if possible) per “door” to the PA LAC. And THANK YOU for your help!

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