LAC Pursues Legislation on Gathering Data on Community Associations

May 30, 2012

Members of CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee participated in the LAC’s annual Legislative Day in Harrisburg on April 3, 2012. Approximately fifteen members from the LAC and the chapter board of directors met with dozens of legislators to discuss issues facing common interest communities (CICs) throughout the Commonwealth.

The most significant topic of conversation was the impact of the report completed by the Joint State Government Commission on CICs. I did a thorough analysis of the report in a recent issue of Community Assets with the goal of using the article as a springboard for legislative reform. While the 60+ page report served as a great primer for legislators, it highlighted some significant data gathering flaws that scream out for a legislative solution. One proposal would be to require the 67 county planning commissions to collect and track CIC data such as address information, number of units, miles of roads, types of infrastructure, and sewer and water facilities. This information would be invaluable to CAI and its members as well as the owners within each of these communities. Other counties may want to consider emulating the data tracking systems already in place in counties like Pike and Monroe, where the county GIS, planning, and assessment offices work in concert to compile CIC data in a comprehensive manner. In the coming months CAI's PA LAC will be researching this issue and potential legislative solutions.

The 2012 Legislative Day was a huge success, with over 40 meetings with legislative offices and the governor’s office. The LAC is functioning at a very high level, which can only continue if we can maintain our relationship with our government affairs professional, Duane Morris Government Strategies. PA LAC fundraising is the key and you can help! Ask your community to contribute today to our legislative advocacy efforts!

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