Do You Want Your Board Meetings on YouTube?

May 8, 2012

Do you want your meetings recorded, uploaded to YouTube and shown on tonight’s 6:00 news? It may be the law if we do not do something about it. Do want your community to have another annual fee for a Pennsylvania government agency to oversee your community when your community already has a professional management company and experienced board members doing this job? It may be the law if we do not do something about it. Do you want to continue to pay for trash through your local taxes as well as through your condo fees? This may continue if we do not do something about it. These are the issues that your Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA-LAC), with the help of our lobbyist, is working on for your community. But we need your help. 

The Buck-a-Door Program is one of the ways the PA-LAC generates funds to pay for the much needed services of a government affairs professional. If your community has donated to the Buck-A-Door program, we thank you and ask that you budget this annually. If your community has not contributed to the LAC, please present this information to your board. Manager - put this item on your next agenda for the board’s consideration. If you are a board member, ask your community manager to add this item to the next agenda. You can also include a summary of the proposed bills in your board packages. Community managers and board members need to be educated on current and proposed state statues that govern community associations. Communities can inform homeowners about these issues through your newsletters and e-mail blasts and encourage them to become active for the good of your community and all community associations in the state.

Join the growing list of community associations supporting our advocacy efforts in Pennsylvania. If your community cannot donate a dollar for each home in your community, any amount that your community can afford is appreciated and will be helpful. The LAC must raise over $40,000 per year in order to educate and inform legislators on the important issues facing community associations. Please consider contributing to this important cause. Click here for the LAC Brochure. Checks can be made payable to PA LAC and send to the chapter office. Your community’s name will be recognized as a Buck a Door contributor in Community Assets, CAI's bi-monthly magazine, and on the chapter website.

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