Community Associations Day at the Capitol

Apr 4, 2012

CAI's Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (LAC) spent the day in Harrisburg at the Pennsylvania State Capitol on April 3 meeting with legislators regarding legislation that impacts community associations and spreading the word about CAI's efforts to build better communities.

A dozen members of the LAC and chapter board of directors met with the Governor's office and over 40 State Senators and State Representatives throughout the day discussing CAI's positions on various Bills. Two main topics of discussion were the recently introduced Bill to establish the Office of Condo and Cooperative Ombudsman, and the policy recommendations included in the Joint State Government Commission's Report of Common Interest Ownership Communities in Pennsylvania. 

In addition to those topics, the LAC also promoted potential legislation to create a rebate program for municipal services tax equalization, similar to the program in operation in the State of New Jersey. Several legislators expressed interest in this concept, which would require municipalities to either offer certain municipal-type services such as refuse collection and recycling, street lights, fire hydrants, etc. or permit community associations who have to contract for those services to apply for a rebate from their municipal government to ease the burden on community associations who pay twice for various municipal services - once in the form of property taxes paid by owners and a second time via private contract.

At the end of the day, the LAC hosted a reception in the Capitol Rotunda for legislators and staff members. This informal reception provided an additional opportunity to interact with legislators who we may not have had the opportunity to meet with earlier in the day. The LAC was assisted throughout the day by our government affairs firm Duane Morris Government Strategies. CAI will continue to advocate on behalf of community associations at the state level and urges community associations to contribute through our Buck A Door program to assist the LAC in its efforts.

Special thanks to LAC Delegates Gregory Malaska, Esq., Ed McFalls, Jill Geiger, CMCA, AMS, Carl Weiner, Esq., Paul Cunningham, Marianne Fein, CMCA, Stefan Richter, Esq., Steve Galvin, David Martin  for participating in yesterday's events, as well as chapter Board President Gary Krimstock, Esq., and Vice President Brian Friel.

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