Visit CAI's Legislative Action Committee Booth at the Annual Conference & Expo

Mar 27, 2012

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (PA-LAC) will be raffling off a few wonderful prizes at the Annual Conference & Expo at Citizens Bank Park on April 19th  – so make sure you stop by our booth and purchase a raffle ticket! If you are a community association manager, board member, or homeowner, you are affected – more than you know - by legislation that is proposed in the Pennsylvania State House.  PA-LAC continues to work aggressively to advocate for legislation that benefits community associations and to argue against legislation may be detrimental.


Here are some important things about pending legislation that you may not be aware of:

Did you know…

  • What an Ombudsman is? It is a proposed agency of the state empowered to oversee disputes as well as the governance and management of condos and co-ops, and is funded by a per unit fee.  CAI’s PA LAC believes this is an unnecessary and burdensome expansion of government regulation of private communities that would create more problems that it would solve. This is one issue that PA-LAC is working to educate law makers on the ramifications of this proposed Bill.
  • Philadelphia condos, co-ops, and planned community homeowners have to pay for their trash collection twice once to the association and a second time to the city through city taxes. Throughout the Commonwealth, owners in community associations pay twice for many municipal services. CAI supported a Bill passed by Philadelphia City Council, and vetoed by Mayor Nutter, to provide a credit against the tax for homeowners who do not receive regular City trash removal, recycling and bulk item collection services. This battle goes on.
  • PA LAC supports proposed legislation on the right to dry clothes on a clothes line or other clothes drying device, with provisions that provide for reasonable rules by community associations.

Much of the success of PA-LAC in the last few years has been due to the efforts of our government relations firm that works on our behalf monitoring legislation and serving as our liaison to the legislature. The cost of this full time representation, however, is significant. And that’s why PA-LAC needs your support. Community associations can help support the efforts of our legislative action committee with a financial contribution through our Buck A Door program.

 PA LAC also raises money through events and other methods, including our raffle at the Annual Conference & Expo.  Please stop by our booth on April 19th and purchase a raffle ticket to show your support!

If you can't attend on April 19th, you can still make a contribution to support the efforts of PA LAC.

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