Why Should Communities Support the Legislative Action Committee?

Jan 31, 2012

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is the “watchdog” for the millions of homeowners living in community associations throughout the Commonwealth.  Volunteer delegates sitting on the LAC work very hard educating lawmakers, responding to legislation and supporting those who live in, volunteer with and manage community associations.

In an effort to help constituents, all too often legislation and regulations are proposed in Harrisburg with good intentions, but possibly costly and ineffective outcomes for homeowners.  Even worse, the proposed legislation could be unintentionally detrimental to homeowners living in community associations.

This is where the LAC gets involved. The LAC carefully considers legislative language, drafts position papers for legislators, and often drafts amendments to proposed legislation that will help homeowners.  Without the help of our lobbyist, the LAC would not be as effective in tracking and responding to all the legislation that is being proposed.  Lobbyists, of course, cost money and homeowners who benefit from the work of the PA LAC can help.

By supporting the LAC’s “Buck A Door” campaign, a community can aid greatly in the fulfillment of the LAC’s mission.  The money collected from the “Buck A Door” campaign goes directly to the LAC to help fulfill CAI’s advocacy role.

How will homeowners hear about this worthy cause that exists to help them?  Through CAI and through their community manager.  We owe it to our homeowners to inform them of the LAC’s work and efforts on their behalf.  Homeowners informed of LAC activities can also help educate our lawmakers through letters, phone calls and personal visits.

CAI’s PA LAC makes a strong difference in whether poorly considered and written legislation has unintended consequences.  Please consider supporting the LAC with a contribution from your community. A dollar per door (Buck A Door). Please share the “Buck a Door” information with your communities.

For up to date information on the LAC’s positions on current legislation, visit the legislative advocacy page on the chapter website.

Posted by Marianne C. Fein, CMCA
Community Manager, PA LAC Delegate

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