Joint State Government Commission Issues Report

Jan 3, 2012

The Pennsylvania Joint State Government Commission released its report on Common Interest Ownership Communities in late December and while the commission’s report falls short in certain goals outlined in the legislature’s resolution, the report is full of useful information and recommendations for community associations and policymakers in Pennsylvania.

The commission was not able to produce a list of all community associations in the Commonwealth and compile information on the types of infrastructure in these communities. Nor was it able to quantify the amount of taxes paid by those who live in community associations throughout Pennsylvania. While these results are disappointing, they are not un-expected, and the reasons why are discussed in the contents of the report. The report also contains eleven policy and statutory recommendations to the legislature.

CAI’s Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee (LAC) provided data to the commission for its study and testified at a hearing in September, 2010 in Bushkill, PA. The LAC will review the report’s findings and recommendations in detail and make additional information available to members about the report and the LAC’s interpretation and positions on the policy recommendations. The full text of the report has been posted to our website where it can be printed, read or downloaded.

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