CAI’s Community Action Network

Feb 7, 2011

This week, CAI’s Pennsylvania and Delaware Valley Chapter launched our online Community Action Center, which is designed to bring CAI’s legislative alerts, updates and advocacy reports to a broader audience of homeowners, community associations, professional managers and the business partners that support community associations throughout the chapter territory.

CAI’s role of advocating at the state level on behalf of community associations is growing each year. More and more legislative proposals that would impact community associations are introduced in the state legislature each session. A critical part of CAI’s mission is to fulfill a role of advocacy on behalf of community associations – to fight legislative and executive proposals that would harm community associations and to support proposals that would help community associations. To fulfill this mission, it is critical that CAI have an ability to touch, at a moment’s notice, as wide an audience as possible with information on legislation, breaking news, legal and legislative updates, and more. Our community action center will help do just that.

These days, information flows freely, and fast. Through this blog, our twitter and facebook accounts, and our email alerts, we hope to reach as many community association participants as possible in order to have the widest impact as possible on issues that affect community association living. On our legislative pages, you can connect with your state senator and state representative, read about CAI’s positions on pending legislation, and connect with CAI’s Advocacy Center. You can also review the Legislative Honor Roll and see which members support our legislative efforts with a sponsorship or a contribution to our Buck A Door program.

How can you help? If you’re already receiving email alerts from the chapter, you are already connected to our action network. If you’re not, visit our community action center and sign up. Be sure to add to your email “approved senders” or “whitelist” to be sure our email alerts do not go to your spam folder.

You can also help by putting others in contact with us. Refer your neighbors to our facebook page and follow us on twitter. Email a link to our community action center to your community association’s board members or a manager who may not know about CAI. Seek permission to post this information to your association and/or management company website or in your newsletter.

There are thousands of community associations out there…with hundreds of thousands of people living in them. Those living in community associations are constituents, and voters. The greater CAI’s ability to mobilize these constituents, the louder CAI’s voice will be in the halls of the Capitol, where it often needs to be heard the loudest.

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