Urban Affairs Committee Reports Out HR350

Jul 1, 2009

On Tuesday, June 30, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ Urban Affairs Committee took up House Resolution 350.  After brief remarks by the sponsor, Rep. John Siptroth (D-189) of Pike/Monroe County, the committee unanimously reported the resolution out of committee and sent it to the full House for a final vote. The House is tentatively scheduled to consider the resolution on Thursday, July 2, 2009.

The resolution, strongly supported by CAI, directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study of the impact of common interest ownership communities on local governments and the Commonwealth, the challenges facing the residents and governing bodies of these common interest ownership communities and opportunities for the Commonwealth to assist local governments and common interest ownership communities to deliver adequate services to their residents at an affordable cost.

CAI was an active participant in the drafting of this resolution. CAI is prepared to work closely with the Joint State Goverment Commission to successfully conduct this study and we will use the data and results to help shape public policy that may impact common interest ownership communities in the Commonwealth, including efforts to provide a remedy to those who live in common interest ownership communities and who pay municipal taxes, but do not receive certain municipal services in return for municipal tax dollars.

Click here to visit our legislative page for the full text of the resolution.

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